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grow businessGrow Business With Us!

In addition to regular meetings, our group offers a variety of other opportunities to grow business and make connections.

Website Link:

Active members in our group have the opportunity to be listed on this website, with a hot link to their own web page.  Active members agree to attend at least one meeting a calendar quarter; we need to know who you are, and connect your name and business with a person! The cost for listing is $5 per calendar year per individual per company.

Speaking Opportunities:

Group members are welcome to present an informative topic to the group and educate the group about their business.  We strive to keep presentations informational rather than promotional. We value the expertise within the group, and appreciate the opportunity to learn from each other.  Speakers are scheduled in advance.

Guest Speakers:

On occasion, guest speakers are invited to share information about the larger community, or to share special expertise. Whether through direct ideas and advice or indirectly though information on community developments, our guest presentations can help our members grow business and find new opportunities.

Other Offerings to Help Members Grow Business:

Instead of our regular presentations, we occasionally have special workshops and networking events; these include “321 Contact!” which is networking through giving, “Happy Together,” which focuses on meeting people beyond the elevator speech stage, “Turbo-charge and Transform!” which focuses on planning for future market changes, and much more.

Other Networking Groups:

We welcome the opportunity to work with other networking groups and make new contacts and business relationships. If you are in a group that would like to explore a joint event or other opportunities, please contact us.