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75 Things We Used To Carry Around That Now Fit In A Pocket

04 Oct

Phone Answering Machine Flashlight Address Book Day-Timer Note Pad Dictionary Thesaurus Rhyming Dictionary Dictation Machine Walkman MP3 Player 8 Track Player Camera Map Magazines Calendar Name Tag Credit Card Machine Bible Calculator Remote Control Photo Album Compass Guitar Tuner Metronome Radio TV Multitrack Recorder Handheld Video Game Mirror Gift Cards Coupons Airplane Tickets GPS Newspaper […]

Five Ways You Can Generate Better Content

15 Sep

Whether you know it or not… you are generating content. Every bit, byte, and document you use by using a computer, tablet or smart phone is creating data. Every search you do in Google, Yahoo and Bing creates data. Nowadays, even turning your TV on is generating data. And you thought you were just sharing an article on Google+, […]