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The Pitch Fork…The Devil Is In The Details

13 Oct

Making The Pitch All day long we are bombarded with ads…in emails, on social media and especially on those quizzes (I should live in Hawaii by the way). If you attend webinars, you know it’s coming. People don’t go through all that effort for grins and giggles. At some point they are going to try to sell […]

I Won The Lottery Today…

22 Apr

No Really…  It’s Real So a trip to the local convenient store was better than usual today. Yes, I threw out a $10 bill with the hopes of not losing it, but I was pleasantly surprised.  There is an old joke that goes…  A man goes to heaven and tells God that he had a […]

Transitions, Transactions, and Testimonials!

21 Mar

Cha, Cha, Cha, Changes… If you are are like most people, you have had to face CHANGE, head on over the last few years! If you have not, I would love to know your secret! Sitting in a Panera Bread, meeting with a potential client, I asked him… “Three years ago could you have imagined […]

Is SEO Your Door to Door Salesmen?

26 Aug

Some of you guys are probably too young to remember door to door salesmen (there were very few saleswomen back then). When the doorbell rang, it was more often than not a salesman. Back then we left the door unlocked and our friends and neighbors just walked in and announced themselves.  I remember my parents […]

5 Lessons I’ve Learned About the Conventional Wisdom of Social Networking

26 Jun

Have you ever been to a convention?  I am not talking about a political one (although the logic I am intending to show applies there also), but an industry one.  The goal of a convention for the attendee is to expand their knowledge and horizons, while the goal of the organization is to present new […]

3 Reason’s Why YOUR Potential Clients… “Can’t Find My Way Home”

20 Jun

Some of you may be a bit to young to remember the band Blind Faith.  Two of the heavy hitters (and rock legends) in the band were Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton. My band plays one of their hits “Cant Find My Way Home“. When it comes to internet marketing, that’s the way a good […]