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3 Reasons NOT To Use Social Media

14 Apr

Pick Your Brains How many times have you gotten this call or gone out for this coffee??? “I just want to pick your brains…  How can I…” – Translation “I want some free advice to see if I can truly do this myself.”  If you are like me you have absolutely no problem with this. […]

Branding vs Banding

07 Apr

Which one of the 1000 messages that reached you today changed your life? Driving into Chicago to give a presentation last week, I was met with bumper to bumper traffic for over an hour and a half. Driving down the Eisenhower Expressway, I started to take in the landscape with each tap of the brakes. […]

Transitions, Transactions, and Testimonials!

21 Mar

Cha, Cha, Cha, Changes… If you are are like most people, you have had to face CHANGE, head on over the last few years! If you have not, I would love to know your secret! Sitting in a Panera Bread, meeting with a potential client, I asked him… “Three years ago could you have imagined […]

What’s Your Most Important Asset?

13 Aug

You are in one of two camps… A business owner, or you work for one (yes stockholders count). The goal of business is really quite simple, but the execution is a much more difficult equation. The goal is to take in more money than you spend (I will let you in on a little secret… […]

Promoting a Book – Business 101

01 Aug

I have been running businesses for over 30 years, so I have a bit of experience, but writing a book made me feel like a novice. I look at people like Seth Godin, Chris Brogan, and other people I like and follow and I feel like a neophyte! Then I look in the rear view […]

3 Reasons Why Facebook Sucks or Why It Is Still Important!

17 Jul

We all pretty much all want the same thing with on-line marketing.  We want to be heard above the noise, but not considered to BE THE NOISE.  For me recently… writing a book was not enough stress, then you have to market it! What to do?  Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter? Pinterest? YouTube? Google+? Email? How about […]

5 Lessons I’ve Learned About the Conventional Wisdom of Social Networking

26 Jun

Have you ever been to a convention?  I am not talking about a political one (although the logic I am intending to show applies there also), but an industry one.  The goal of a convention for the attendee is to expand their knowledge and horizons, while the goal of the organization is to present new […]

3-2-1… 3 Times When Asking for Help is So Worth it!

13 Jun

Let’s face it!  There are some really good marketers out there. You join an email list and they dribble market to you and then you get that one email that makes you bite! You buy what they have to sell and then they over promise and under deliver.  Back in the day (and currently) it […]

5 Things You Should Stop Doing in LinkedIn

05 Jun

LinkedIn is the ‘GO TO’ place for business people.  It’s great for connecting with that latest new prospect, to get questions answered, or just connecting up with people that you face-to-face network with. But just like every popular social media hangout, it is filled with people who could care less about you and the un-written […]

Social Networking – Reception vs Reality – 3 Common Mistakes

23 May

There is a lot of noise and distractions out there.  Step back and think about your busy day.  How many unsolicited emails did you get today?  How many did you unsubscribe from?  How many ads did you see in your social media (the paid ones)?  How many ads did you see in your Google searches […]