A number of our members routinely make business presentations to professional groups, community organizations and corporations, and also serve as trainers and facilitators. Please contact the individuals directly for more information on their presentations, fees and areas of expertise.

business presentations Brian Basilico, Owner, B2b Interactive Marketing.  Brian is an expert in social media, and speaks on a wide range of related topics, including website design and  social media integration. He specializes in training and is an adjunct faculty member at Waubonsee Community College and a national speaker. His business presentations include  “Social Media for Small Business!” and “Internet Marketing Basics.”

 Larry JonesVice President, First State Bank.  Larry’s background includes small business ownership and advisory services, as well as banking, especially in the area of small to mid-sized businesses.  Business presentations from Larry include  “How to Talk to your Banker,” “Understanding Financial Reports” and other topics related to banking and small business.

business presentations Ellen Huxtable, Owner, Advantage Business Concepts. Ellen has spoken at national conventions and is an adjunct faculty member at Waubonsee Community College. Business presentation topics from Ellen  include “Turbo-charge and Innovate,” “Power Networking,”and  “Creating and Seizing New Markets.” Ellen also serves as a group facilitator and trainer.