3 Reason’s Why YOUR Potential Clients… “Can’t Find My Way Home”

20 Jun

Some of you may be a bit to young to remember the band Blind Faith.  Two of the heavy hitters (and rock legends) in the band were Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton. My band plays one of their hits “Cant Find My Way Home“. When it comes to internet marketing, that’s the way a good […]

3-2-1… 3 Times When Asking for Help is So Worth it!

13 Jun

Let’s face it!  There are some really good marketers out there. You join an email list and they dribble market to you and then you get that one email that makes you bite! You buy what they have to sell and then they over promise and under deliver.  Back in the day (and currently) it […]

5 Things You Should Stop Doing in LinkedIn

05 Jun

LinkedIn is the ‘GO TO’ place for business people.  It’s great for connecting with that latest new prospect, to get questions answered, or just connecting up with people that you face-to-face network with. But just like every popular social media hangout, it is filled with people who could care less about you and the un-written […]

3 Things I Learned… Writing a Book

29 May

Writing a book is like starting a business.  It takes planning, staff, and money.  I just never imagined how much effort, money, and time it takes…  and that has nothing to do with actually putting words to print! After 30 years in marketing, I went into writing my book feeling like a know it all. […]

Social Networking – Reception vs Reality – 3 Common Mistakes

23 May

There is a lot of noise and distractions out there.  Step back and think about your busy day.  How many unsolicited emails did you get today?  How many did you unsubscribe from?  How many ads did you see in your social media (the paid ones)?  How many ads did you see in your Google searches […]

3 Things Every Facebook User Wants

15 May

Facebook = Fast, Fun and Frustrating! Facebook has so many things about it that most of us users love.  The pictures and comments are fun.  You have instant messaging.  You have the ability to check it on all your platforms. You have groups, business pages, apps, interests, family, friends and so much more.  Then, when […]