What’s Your Most Important Asset?

13 Aug

You are in one of two camps… A business owner, or you work for one (yes stockholders count). The goal of business is really quite simple, but the execution is a much more difficult equation. The goal is to take in more money than you spend (I will let you in on a little secret… […]

Promoting a Book – Business 101

01 Aug

I have been running businesses for over 30 years, so I have a bit of experience, but writing a book made me feel like a novice. I look at people like Seth Godin, Chris Brogan, and other people I like and follow and I feel like a neophyte! Then I look in the rear view […]

3 Reasons Why Facebook Sucks or Why It Is Still Important!

17 Jul

We all pretty much all want the same thing with on-line marketing.  We want to be heard above the noise, but not considered to BE THE NOISE.  For me recently… writing a book was not enough stress, then you have to market it! What to do?  Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter? Pinterest? YouTube? Google+? Email? How about […]

5 Lessons I’ve Learned About the Conventional Wisdom of Social Networking

26 Jun

Have you ever been to a convention?  I am not talking about a political one (although the logic I am intending to show applies there also), but an industry one.  The goal of a convention for the attendee is to expand their knowledge and horizons, while the goal of the organization is to present new […]