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Free business networking group

Free business networking group

Free Business Networking, Made Easy!

Our group is easy to join. Membership is open to small business owners and managers and those interested in supporting this community. Church membership or participation is not required. Our group provides free business networking. We have no expenses, so we charge no fees to participate. We do take a free will offering to cover coffee expenses and provide the opportunity to be listed on our website, for a modest fee.


There are no dues because we have no expenses. Active members (those who attend at least one meeting a calendar quarter) have the option to be listed in our directory and on this website, for a very nominal fee. We do ask for a free will offering to cover the cost of coffee.


We are non-exclusive regarding industry; members may be direct or indirect competitors.   A number of strategic alliances have been developed between members with complimentary skills. Members of other networking or leads groups are welcome.


There is no attendance requirement; come as you are able. People who are able to come more frequently have the opportunity to meet more people and develop closer professional relationships. People who can only come occasionally are “new people” to those they have yet to meet!


There is no requirement to make referrals within the group.  We believe members will meet others who they come to respect professionally and that referrals will be made on this basis.


We believe that members will recognize the value of mutual support and seek opportunities to “give back” and strengthen the group.  There are no specific requirements to support the group.

If you are interested in exploring membership, please feel free to attend a meeting on the first, third or fifth Thursday each month.  Please contact us if you have any questions!